How We Work Together

I'm a firm believer in human-centered design and co-creation. Those who are closest to the pain point of a problem know best what a product should look and feel like.

When we work together, here is what I offer:

  • Close partnership with your team to co-create solutions, roadmaps or other deliverables. We work together to set up systems and tools to develop your products in a user-centered way. This may include feedback loops, sprint cycles, and the use of agile product management software such as JIRA.

  • A practical analysis of emerging technology's place in your products. If there is a fit with AI, AR/VR, machine learning powered prediction tools, etc, we co-develop a plan to implement them. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

  • Coaching for your product team members. I'm here to help your team become better product leaders and implementers. With years of coaching and management experience, I find this essential to ensure your product's impact and success.