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Hi! I'm Toni Maraviglia. Whether it's launching an MVP or a growing a digital product, I can help you tackle your product needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in education and growing direct to consumer and SaaS products, I am a market leader in edtech, PLG, and international expansion.

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Scaled a low-cost app in Kenya to millions

Co-founded the company Eneza, and conceived the product vision for its text (SMS)-based learned tool. Eneza was awarded the most innovative company in Africa in 2015. Read more.

Photo from Eneza Education

Launched a children's app in Costa Rica & Vietnam

Co-led the launch of an English Language Learning app (ABCmouse English) in Costa Rica and Vietnam. Read more about the product partnerships.

Photo from Age of Learning

Launched a video on demand series in Korea

Co-created and envisioned a streaming video on demand and OTT product launched in Korea with one of the largest telecoms. Read more

Photo from KT

Launched an AI-driven college matching app

Launched a machine learning college matching app for first generation college students in the U.S. Read more.

Photo from Uptake

Scaled a children's learning app in Japan

Worked closely with a local startup team in Japan to scale the reach of an English Language Learning app. Read more.

Photo from Age of Learning Japan

Created product strategy for a fleet monitoring tool

Co-created a new product strategy for an industrial analytics company to offer its product to nonprofit orgs. Read more.

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Vision Setting & Product Roadmapping

Product Management & Feedback Loops

Building Community & Product Growth

International Launch & Go To Market 


"Toni's had complete ownership of any project she was a part of. Her deep seeded understanding of the Media landscape was crucial when it came to guiding and streamlining an impactful strategy for a successful launch and having meaningful marketing exposure post-launch.

Most importantly, her passion for creating a meaningful and lasting media partnership along with her passion for Kids' Educational content (as clearly shown in her long lasting and fruitful career) led to an exponential expansion in Korea."  

"Toni is empathetic but also doesn’t shy away from asking the difficult questions. She is super balanced in how she holds up the mirror for me as a leader which has only enabled growth and pushed my leadership further. With her support, I’ve become a more empathetic people manager while also becoming more nuanced and differentiated in my approach with my people. While I was worried that this would come at the cost of excellence, I’ve now understood what excellence truly means and how to tap into the potential of people and my leadership to enable that. I love that no matter what challenge or topic I bring to the conversation, Toni is always able to bring learnings and perspective from her own personal experiences - which are vast and varied - and is always ready to share helpful resources. 

Toni has been instrumental in helping me get to the next level in my leadership and career as I made the shift from Senior Manager to Director and vertical head. With her support, I’ve really been able to evolve as an individual, manager and leader."